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Whether I pick up a magazine or a newspaper, surf the net or speak to my friends, I hear everyone talking or advising about how to lose weight or ways to increase metabolism. But, for a person like me, it tends to become a real pain as no one is interested in speaking about gaining weight. You may wonder why I am taking about weight gain when most of the people around are after losing weight.

To end your curiosity, I would like to tell you that there are people like me who never tend to gain weight no matter how much we eat! I know, I know you must be screaming impossible and will refuse to believe me. Those who do not gain weight or have a hard time maintaining their weight will probably sympathize with me. This inability to gain weight is credited to a little bit of luck and fast metabolism symptoms. Interested in knowing more about fast metabolism symptoms? Then continue reading.

Fast Metabolism Causes
Alright, so now that I have your attention, let me begin explaining the fast metabolism causes. There are basically three basic body types; someone like me are known as the ectomorphs, the athletic build are called the mesomorphs and the endomorphs are big bodied kind of large people. People around the world are more interested in the latter two, leaving us ectomorphs to lull in the dark. The ectomorphs have a characteristic body type and if you are wondering if you too are one of our kinds, then spot the following traits in your body:

Hard time gaining weight
Delicate and small body type
Lean muscle mass
Fast metabolism
Small shoulders

If you find you fit the bill, you must be interested in knowing fast metabolism causes. One of the main causes of fast metabolism includes hyperthyroidism or an over active thyroid gland. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism include rapid heart rate, fatigue, weight loss, nervousness and agitation. Do you think you too have similar symptoms? If yes, then ask your doctor to get your thyroid tested.

Other fast metabolism causes may include smoking or stress. If you smoke or are under a lot of stress, it may have an effect on your metabolism. Some people tend to gain weight and some lose weight. So, stop smoking and get a lifestyle change to overcome stress. Sometimes medications as well as drugs can pep up your metabolism leading to weight loss. People like me, who have none of the above factors causing fast metabolism symptoms, have no choice but to blame it on our genes. Genes play a role in every part of our life and they are responsible for our rate of metabolism too. We are genetically programed to have a fast metabolism rate and have a hard time gaining weight.

Symptoms of Fast Metabolism
Metabolism is a biochemical process that breaks down food we eat into fat and other nutrients. The rate at which the body breaks down food is called basal body metabolic rate. This rate is what decides how much the needle in the weighing scale will dip with us on it. Fast metabolism has a metabolic rate that is over the 100 degree limit. We burn calories at a faster rate than average. We can eat all that we want without fearing to gain additional weight. We need to eat a lot (and I mean a lot) for weight control and feed our ever hungry metabolism. Also, being underweight is one of the symptoms of fast metabolism.

The Ups and Downs of Fast Metabolism Symptoms
A few who have a hard time losing weight, may find fast metabolism as a blessing. But for a few of those supposedly 'lucky ones' with fast metabolism, it may as well be a curse. Wondering why? Well, to begin with, we never gain weight, so people often feel we are starving ourselves to death. The truth on the other hand is that we are forced to keep munching all the time without gaining an ounce. Most of us, like me, are underweight. This forces us to eat all kinds of fattening foods like butter, cheese and cream sauces. However, most of the time, it does not make much difference as we are able to lose the pounds as soon as we gain them.

That's the downside of a high metabolism; the problems we face in maintaining our weight. Thus, we need to monitor our daily calorie intake. This will help in determining the required calorie intake that will help us gain or maintain our weight. (Trust me this is not as easy as it sounds!). Another problem with young women like me is maintaining our weight during menstruation. I don't know why, but we tend to look thinner before or after and a few girls during periods. (I am sure many young belles with symptoms of fast metabolism will be nodding their heads in agreement). Due to fast metabolism symptoms, there are many menstrual problems faced by young girls who are about to enter puberty. They may start late or have irregular cycles as they do not have enough body fat for a normal cycle.

On the upside, people with fast metabolism symptoms can eat all that they love and have no fear of watching their weight. (This does not mean we keep eating 24/7!). Anyways, if we over indulge in our favorite meal, we do not have to spend extra hours in the gym. Our high metabolism will take care of the extra calories.

How to Slow Down a Fast Metabolism
People with high metabolism, often ask as to how to slow down a fast metabolism. You can try following the tips here to gain those much needed extra calories that make you gain weight. The first thing to do is chose your food wisely. By this, I mean, eating slow metabolizing foods like sugars, processed foods and white bread. You can include a lot of fried foods in your diet as the saturated oils used to fry them help slowing down your high metabolism. Although, these foods do not sound like a very healthy option, but to gain weight, these foods help store the much needed fat in your body.

You need to eat a lot of proteins to gain weight with equal number of carbohydrates. This helps in absorption of proteins and the calories tend to last a bit longer in your system. Once you finish eating, relax. Do not indulge in physical activity like a simple walk or heavy work as your food will get digested even faster. Do not drink water or other liquids when you eat. This will only add fuel to your fast metabolism and burn your calories more. And sleep, sleep, sleep. When you sleep, metabolism slows down. This helps is storing fats in your body, helping you gain weight. Avoid heavy exercises as it will only burn the precious calories in your body. Check whether your family has a history of thyroid problems. If yes, then you may get yourself checked for thyroid and solve your fast metabolism problem. If it is a genetic condition, then aging is the only natural process that will help slow down your fast metabolism.

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This was some information related to symptoms of fast metabolism. Some may find fast metabolism symptoms a boon and for some, it may be a bane. I blame it on my genes and try to include as many carbohydrates, proteins as well as fats in my diet to maintain my weight. I eat healthy and I eat right with an occasional fried treat. This is a Herculean task for us ectomorphs as looking underweight does not help much to our appearance.

If you too are having a high metabolism, speak to a qualified dietitian about how to gain weight with a fast metabolism. He or she will help you chart out a diet plan to gain and maintain your weight. The above information related to fast metabolism is based on the general symptoms faced by most of the people with fast metabolism. If you suspect high metabolism in your body, speak to a doctor for more information. As for me, I am happy munching on things that most of my friends sacrifice for losing those extra kilos!
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Symptoms And Causes Of Fast Metabolism

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